Technological advances have impacted our world and the business world in fundamental ways. Business Analytics MBA Track is designed to prepare students for careers in this dynamic field. Massive amounts of data are being gathered and stored, from individual medical records to transportation data for large logistics providers. Moreover, ever faster computers and optimization methods have become available to transform this data into information for better decision-making. All this makes it possible to apply advanced analytical methods to business problems that were impossible 10 or 15 years ago.

The programme is in association with IMS pro-school, Pune. Its NSE certified course. The course is conducted by one of the industry expert Mr. Yogesh Singh. He is into Analytics since past 15 years. It’s a 42 hours course, commenced on 10 September 2016, which is conducted every week for 5 hours. This course is for all specializations.

Business schools and recruiters from some of the world’s largest companies have told that, data analytics skills are of critical importance for MBA students to secure careers in the new digital economy. Company recruiters in a wide array of industries are increasingly demanding these data analytics skills from their new hires, from global insurance firms to large listed advertising groups.