Director's Desk

Director's Desk

India, as an economy, has completed two decades of the era of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization. Globalization has definitely improved lives of citizens of this nation by opening numerous opportunities especially to youths. At the same time global financial integration has caused global disaster in a jiffy such as seen during the past few years. Recent recession, in my opinion, has given a body blow to raw capitalism in the West.

India as an emerging market has become an important destination for the global business houses. It goes without saying that all the local as well as global business houses are constantly in the search of two things – Technology and Talent. I am sure that you will agree to the fact that a Business School is catalyst in nurturing the talent and handing over it to the Industry.

We, at IMERT, are committed to nurturing the talent of our students for making them successful executives and leaders in the world of management. We strongly believe in creating a Questioning Mind full of inquisitiveness and hence we constantly expose our students to various situations which pose challenges for them and give them right questions. Students at IMERT are ensured an environment that is conducive even for their entrepreneurial abilities. For accomplishment of these coveted career goals we rigorously follow a philosophy of Learning through Experience which leads to empowerment of our students.

We are sure that the two years at IMERT is going to be the most memorable time in your studentship. Over a period of these two years you will be quipped not only with expertise in domain, skills and techniques to mark your entry in the global business but also with sound value based thinking, ethics and principles to become a good global citizen and a sensitive human being.

Institute of Management Education
Research and Training (IMERT)

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