Governing Council & College Development Committee

Governing Body

Sr.NoName of the MembersDesignation
1 Hon. Shri. Shivajirao Gange President , M.M. Mandal, Chairman G.B.
2 Hon. Prin. B.G. Jadhav Executive President , M.M. Mandal, Member G.B.
3 Hon’ble  Dr. Madhavrao V. Suryawanshi Vice - President
4 Hon. Dr N. V. Biradar Vice - President
5 Hon. Shri. Kishor Mungale Secretary M.M. Mandal & Invitee Member G.B.
6 Hon’ble Shri. Annasaheb Pawar Treasurer M.M.
7  Hon. Shri. Sanjay Garge Joint Secretary M.M. Mandal & Member G.B.
8 Hon’ble  Dr. Vishwas S. Patil Member Executive Committee M.M
9 Hon’ble Shri. Sakharam H. Gavhane Member Executive Committee M.M
10 Hon’ble Prin. Dwarkadas S. Bhandari Member Executive Committee M.M
11 Hon’ble Shri. Sanjay S. Surywanshi Member Executive Committee M.M
12 Hon’ble Shri. Tej Niwalikar Member Executive Committee M.M
13 Hon’ble Shri. Jitendra M. Pawar Member Executive Committee M.M
14 Dr Rupendra Gaikwad Member Teaching Staff, IMERT, Member G.B.
15 Dr. Shubhangee Ramaswamy I/C Director, MM’S IMERT & Member Secretary G.B
16 Nominee Appointed by the DTE
17 Nominee Appointed by the University
18 Nominee Appointed by the AICTE

College Development Committee

Sr.NoName of the MembersDesignation
1 Hon. Shri. Shivajirao Gange President, M.M. Mandal & Chairperson CDC
2 Hon. Prin. B.G. Jadhav Executive President M.M. Mandal, Nominee ex-officio Chairperson
3 Hon. Shri. Kishor Mungale Secretary,  M.M. Mandal: Member CDC
4 Dr.  Jitendra Bhandari HOD, MM’S IMERT: Member CDC
5 Dr. Pranav Kayande Representative –Teaching Staff : Member CDC
6 Mr. Vivek Dighe Representative –Teaching Staff : Member CDC
7 Dr. Magalagouri Patil Representative –Teaching Staff : Member CDC
8 Mrs. Kavita Dhamal Representative – Non-teaching Staff : Member CDC
9 Dr. Devidas Golhar Educationist – Local Member CDC
10 Dr. Milind Jagtap Industry – Local Member CDC
11 Dr. V.N. Gohokar Research – Local Member CDC
12 Ms. Shilpa Budukh Social Service – Local Member CDC
13 Dr. Rupendra Gaikwad IQAC Co-ordiantor, MM’S IMERT : Member CDC
14 Mr. Gaurav Dose President – Student Council : Member CDC
15 Mr. Russel Pillai Secretary- Student Council : Member CDC
16 Dr. Shubhangee Ramaswamy I/C Director, M.M.'S IMERT: Member Secretary CDC

Institute of Management Education
Research and Training (IMERT)

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