Concept of the Course
Communication skill is at the top of the list of employers while recruiting. Students with vernacular background find it difficult during the campus interview and even during their chosen career. An MBA aspiring for the industry job and position needs a formal orientation, demonstration, and practice in communication skills. University’s new syllabus 2013, (Subject paper 108 Business Communication Lab is intended for this purpose.) gives great stress on the development of soft skills and employability. This is also formalized by changes in the students’ evaluation methodology prescribed.

Brief introduction of the resource person
Mr. Yatin Patwardhan and Mrs. Joshi represent Ace Corporate Trainings Pvt. Ltd. The firm conducted induction/ refresher and orientation programs (for foreign postings) for the well known IT and other companies in Maharashtra. Their expertise extends to all soft skills and is being used by the leading Business Management Colleges. They are authorized institution for training and coaching for the Examination of Cambridge English known as BEC (Business English By Cambridge)