A two day training on ‘Digital Marketing’ was conducted at IMERT, on 23rd and 24th January, 2016. Training was attended by 84 students of semester II of MBA Course. The theme was planned by IIM Calcutta Entrepreneurship Cell and the task was entrusted with Mr. Pranav Nair (IIMC), who has immense experience in the area of Digital Marketing as well as Corporate Training.

The first day of the training introduced the latest concepts and tools of the Digital Marketing to the students. Working in the teams, students developed their own business ideas and presented to the peer group audience. Students developed website for their business under the guidance of Nair sir, who was quick to set rapport and guide the students through analytics and logic required for optimization of various web based tools.

On the second day the same groups published the marketing messages on web through the tools like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. to the real world audience. The practical assignment and hands-on-experience in Digital Marketing not only boosted the confidence of students, but brought them up-to-date in meeting the expectations of industry in the coming years.

A group of five students was selected to take part in the national competition to be held at Kolkata. The selection process was based on team working, presentation skills, resourcefulness, business idea; in addition to the command over subject and digital tools. The evaluation process parameters included the number of real world responses and inquiries, received by the groups to their online sales pitch.