Date Title Resorce Person
7 August to 8  August 2014 Personal And Professional Effectiveness Dr.Shriram Nerlekar (Director,IMERT,Pune)
10 December to 13 December 2014 Ancient Teaching Methods With Modern Day Applications Dr.Radhakrishanan Pillai (Director,Institute Of Public Leadership,Mumbai)
Preparation And Implementation Of Effective Teaching plan Preparation And Implementation Of Effective Teaching plan Dr.Shailesh Kasande (Director,VIM,Pune)
Qualitative And Qualitative Research Design For Research Papers Dr.Amod Markale (Director,Zeal Education Society Pune)
Use Of Case Study Method Mr.Dilip Thosar (IIM Ahmedabad Alumni)
23 February 2015 A study Of Literature Review Dr.S.P.Singh (Deputy Director, Indra Institute of Management,Pune)
14 March 2015 Six Thinking Hats Ms.Anjali Pashankar (Corporate Trainer)
12,13 and 14 August 2015 Effective Sales and presentation skills Dale Carnegie Trainer
24 Nov 2015 “Avishkar” in association with S.P.Pune university Dr.Ravindra Jaybhaye (Department of Geography, SPPU)
28 Nov And 29 Nov 2015 Case Method Teaching And Case Writing Prof.N.Ravi Chandran, (IIM Ahmedabad)
Prof.K.M Padmanabham, (Secretery,Case Research Society Of India,Chennai)
19 March 2016 Quality in Higher Education Dr.Ram Takwale (Former VC,SPPU) and
Dr.Ramesh Kasetwar (CEO,Quality Plus)
14 July 2016 BREXIT – Implications on Indian Economy and Business Dr. G Nagaraju (Associate Professor, NIBM)
1,2 and 3 Sep 2016 Effective Sales and presentation skills Dale Carnegie Trainer
17 Sep 2016 How to do Book Review? Mr. Manish Kulkarni (BOB Pvt Ltd) Mr. Vasu (Entercoms Solutions Pvt Ltd)
27 October 2016 Power of First impression Mr. Surjit Das (Consultant & Corporate Trainer)
27 January 2017 Session on NAAC  Dr.Shailesh Kasande
20 April 2017 Lead the change…. Be the change Ms. Prapti Mutha, (Director, Synectics Academy)
22 April 2017 NISM IMERT FDP on Derivatives Mr. Vijay Kanchan and Mr. Kiran Rane (Approved Trainers, NISM)
25 April 2017 Management lessons in Srimad Bhagwad Geeta. Dr. Ashutosh Misal (Corporate Trainer)
6 October 2017 Research Methodology  Dr.Mani Madala
(Dean NITIE Mumbai)
Dr.Rakhi Gupta
(Professor IIT BHU Banaras)
 November 2017  NAAC CO PO mapping Dr. V.N.Gohokar
23 March 2018 Commodities Market  Mr.Shrikant Koundinya
(Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd)
16 March 2018 Stock Market  Mr.Chandrashekhar Thakur
(Central Depository Services India Ltd)
2 February 2018 Goods and Service Tax Dr.Uttam Sapate
prof.Vijay Sonaje
(Accredited GST Trainers)
1 and 2 February 2019 The Art of Facilitation Ms.Supriya Pujari (Corporate Trainer)
2 and 3 Januray 2020 FDP on High Impact Selling Mr.Shriniwas Somayajula (Corporate Trainer)
09 May 2020 FDP on LMS- Google Classroom Dr.Pranav Kayande (Associate Professor,IMERT,Pune)
18 May 2020 FDP on “Building confidence in Times of Uncertainty” Mr.Jai Naidu (Management Consultant), Mrs.Tanuja Koshi (Certified Yoga Trainer), Mrs.Anupama Naidu (Certified Yoga Trainer).
09 September 2020 FDP on National Education Policy 2020 Dr Rupendra Gaikwad (Associate Professor, IMERT, Pune)
30 September 2020 FDP on Commodities Markets on 30th Sept 2020 Mr.Shrikant Koundinya (MCX Resource Person)
1st,2nd &3rd December 2021 FDP on Stock Mania Dr. Mangalgouri Patil ( Assistant Professor, IMERT) and  Prof. CS Anushree Satpute( Assistant Professor, IMERT)