Strategic Partnerships

Associate of the Mahratta Chamber Of Commerce,Industries and Agriculture(MCCIA),Pune
MCCIA one of the most active chambers of commerce in India and contributing to promoting number of Institutions in Pune, has been playing key role in accelerating the industrial and economic development in Pune.

MCCIA has 30 different committees consisting of reputed experts, professionals and entrepreneurs and has been organizing educative events and symposium for members.

Take- aways for students-

  • Participate in monthly activities including meets, workshops, seminars, courses, lectures, presentations of expert committees.
  • Exposure to International Teams, Delegates and speakers covering wide range of topics.
  • Insight into different sectors, and Interaction with leading industrialists and professionals to understand the latest developments in related industries there by equipping them to prepare themselves for their placements/career.
  • Access to one of the finest Reference libraries and on-line data bases, Periodicals, Research reports, Directories and guides.
  • IMERT is anAssociate of the Mahratta Chamber of commerce,Industries and Agriculture,Pune .

Exposure to seminars as-

  • Factoring fast cash flow solutions for SMEs/Corporates on 26th November 2014.
  • Session on Direct tax, Regulatory and Transfer Pricing organised by Indo-American Chamber of Commerce on 5th December 2014.