IMERT celebrated February 14th as "Earth My Valentine"

The programme is intended to enhance IMERT students’ awareness of environmental issues and raise the level of their environmental preservation activities while they are at work and at home.

Dr. Anand Karve (Founder, ARTI ) was Chief Guest for the function held on 14th Feb 2015. He addressed the students and faculty members on the topic.
He enlightened the gathering about various environment preservation activities. He shared contributions by his various social organizations such as Samuchit Enviro Tech, Appropriate Rural Technology Institue (ARTI) and his research activities.

Karve said, “In theory, textbooks tell you that methane gas is produced from sugar, starch, cellulose and fat, so I decided to replace the traditional dung with food waste and found that it is highly efficient and less cumbersome to use.” It was an acid test for Karve, when scientists from UK came down to Pune to assess his claims and to see for themselves whether he fitted the bill for the Ashden Award. Said Karve, “They visited 40 households in various villages and towns which are using this new compact biogas technology and kept asking each user, whether only food material was used or was it used along with dung.” Through all such surveys, Dr.Karve received the UK based Ashden Award is the world’s most prestigious award for innovative work in environment in developing countries.

IMERT and MMCOE MBA faculty members and 40 students attended the session.