Faculty Development Programmes

Significance of FDP in today's academics

Faculty Development Programs are especially important in adapting faculty members to their changing roles in initiating and setting the directions for curricular changes. These programs can be a powerful tool to constitute a positive institutional climate and can range from basic orientation programs for new faculty members to postgraduate education programs for management professionals. Significance of FDP is to develop a faculty personally as well as professionally.

Significance of FDP in today's academics
  • Strong administrative support
  • Reward structures for participation in FDPs
  • Teaching viewed as a scholarly activity
  • Emphasizing on principles on individual Training Need Analysis
  • Emphasizing on collaboration, teamwork and shared vision
Domains of Faculty Development
  • Teaching
  • Curriculum development
  • Activities like writing, conducting research, presenting at conferences
  • Technological competency
  • Self learning and development
IMERT philosophy of Faculty Development leading to Students' Improvement –

We at IMERT follow the legacy of educational excellence. Our belief that a good faculty will make a good student has proved our existence of 4+ decades. IMERT philosophy of faculty development aims at overall development of faculty in above mentioned domains which ultimately leads to student’s improvement by providing students with the best quality of teaching and learning on campus as well as off campus.

At IMERT we follow three Approaches to FDP, viz, In-house FDPs, Deputation of faculty members on FDPs of other institutes and Exposure to the world of work.