Six Sigma is widely used tool in the industry for the improvements in the process and process management. It is applicable to manufacturing as well as service industries. Ultimately the aim of technique is to improve the performance of products in line with company targets and customer feedback. Not only the leaders but every small and big enterprise is using today this technique.

IMERT students specializing in Operations Management and Marketing Management underwent a comprehensive 5 days long training on Six Sigma with the following objectives:

  • To acquaint students with the concept and use of Six Sigma.
  • To give the students insights of the technique, through practical exercises based on industry projects.
  • To create awareness of the customer orientation required in the management function.
  • To enhance the knowledge and skill set adding to the employability of the students.

Brief introduction of the resource person

Six Sigma Workshop is arranged for the Operations Management and Marketing Management specialization students. This workshop is conducted by Mr. Vinayak Dravid. He has worked with the Indian arm of the leading global organizations and is presently working as a technical manager operations. He holds green belt certification of Six Sigma methodology, and has conducted numerous training sessions for industry personnel as well as well known business management colleges in Pune. He brings with him more than 35 years of core project management and performance improvement experience along with teaching pedagogy.