Finance, Marketing, HRM, BIM

Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

Objectives of MBA Programme:

  • To provide the students with requisite knowledge, skills and right attitude necessary to provide effective leadership in a global environment.
  • To develop competantant management professionals with strong ethical values, capable of assuming a pivotal role in various sectors of the indian economy & society, aligned with national priorities.
  • To develop proactive thinking so as to perform effectively in the dynamic socio-economic and business ecosystems.

About Choice Based Credit System:

  • The programme is comprises of 4 semesters and adopts Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) & Grading System.
  • Choice based Credit System (CBCS) offers wide ranging choices for students to opt for courses based on their aptitude and their career goals.CBCS works on the fundamental premise that students are mature individuals, capable of making their own decisions.
  • CBCS enables a student to obtain a degree by accaumulating required number of credits prescribed for that degree.

Key features of CBCS:

  • Enriching Learning Environment
  • Learn at your own space
  • Concurrent learning & student centric concurrent evaluation
  • Active student- teacher participation
  • Industry Institution collaboration
  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum
  • Employability Enhancement
  • Faculty Expertise

Programme Structure under CBCS:

A] Break up for Full Credit Courses

B] Break up for Half Credit Courses

Specializations offered:

Course Structure:

MBA 1st year

(Common to all Students)

MBA 2nd year

Common Subjects:

Specialization-wise Courses:


Finance (FIN):

Human Resource Management (HRM):

Banking and Insurance Department:

Semester-IIICategory of CourseSemester-IV
Course CodeCourse NameCourse CodeCourse Name
305BIM Banking Concepts and Operations Subject Core Courses (Banking and Insurance Management) 403BIM Banking Regulations and Legal Aspects
306BIM Principles and Practices of Insurance 404BIM Trends in Insurance Management
307BIM Treasury Management Subject Elective Courses (Banking and Insurance Management) 405BIM Advance Technology in Banking & Insurance
308BIM Practice of Life Insurance 406BIM Practice of Marine Insurance
309BIM Retail & Universal Banking 407BIM Fire and Consequential Loss Insurance
310BIM Practice of General Insurance 408BIM Health Insurance & Medi-claim Insurance
311BIM E- Banking 409BIM Agricultural Insurance
312BIM Financial Inclusion 410BIM Agency Management
313BIM Corporate Insurance Management 411BIM International Banking
314BIM Marketing of Financial Services 412BIM Vehicle Insurance
315BIM Marketing of Insurance Services 413BIM Life Insurance Products
316BIM Rural Banking and Micro-finance 414BIM Commercial Banking and Cooperative Banking
317BIM Personal Financial Planning 415BIM Central Banking
318BIM Property Insurance 416BIM Innovations in Banking and Insurance Industry

Institute of Management Education
Research and Training (IMERT)

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